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Rethink Dental Scrap Refining

Many of our dentists have been using the same refiner for many years and have given no thought to change. It is time to rethink old habits.  If your refiners haven’t paid you $100,000.00 or more over the last 30 years, then you have funded their retirements, not yours!  This number only estimates the total payout.  If the money were saved and invested, then it could easily grow to seven figures.

The president of Premier Dental Refining founded this company on the principle that dentists should be paid at what the insurance industry calls “Fee for Service Payout.”  Unfortunately, currently, the refining industry pays the dentist at an HMO rate, or sometimes PPO rate, which they describe as “We Pay the Most” or “98% Return,” without defining the basis for these rates.  You, the dentist, deserve a “Fee for Service Payout” on your scrap metals.  The largest chunk of payout should go to the dentist, not to the refinery.


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Easily Send Your Dental Scrap

We provide fully insured shipping directly from your office to ours via FedEx. Receive automatic e-mail or text notification on receipt of your packages and settlements

Professional Processing of Metals & PFMs

We are extremely experienced in the methods required to process your crowns and bridges into homogeneous form for spectrometer analysis, including multiple melting and spectrometer analyses.


PDR provides the highest possible Fee for Service payout to our clients. You’ll receive your prompt settlement by check along with your metal assay.

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Premium Services

Our Concierge Program provides enhanced services that give dentists convenience, flexibility, and control, from the time we melt and assay your metals to the final settlement.

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